Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What are a couple of your favorite flowers?

There are so many beautiful ones out there. I love Snapdragons, daffodils, gut here in Arizona I was able to grow two night-blooming flowers.

One is the Night-blooming Cereus Cactus flower. It gives off a pungently sweet aroma, only blooms in the solstice of Summer, is spectacular and beautiful. It stays open for only one night, then bloses as the sun rises.

The other is the Moonflower. It also opens at night, for only one night, and gives off a very similar fragrance.

They are both white and gorgeous. :-)

What are a couple of your favorite flowers?
Hello,Lady Angel,Venus;)...

This Dark Angel love's...



The Rose...

Yeah that's 3 cause i cheated...lol

Thank You
Reply:I love any yellow flower, but my favorite is definitely sunflower.
Reply:Lilacs and roses...for scent....carnations...for their durability..daisies...for their simplicity...wild flowers...for their abandonment...oh...I love them all....
Reply:Roses, Pansies, Petunias, Gardenia's, and Marigolds
Reply:Lillies and Lady Slippers....
Reply:i like roses and morning glorys
Reply:I love morning glories :)

I also love the flowers on Mimosa trees...so soft...so sweet smelling...ahhh
Reply:gardenias and daffodils...
Reply:lilacs and lily of the valley
Reply:I love roses, gardenias, and carnations.
Reply:lillac, black eyed susans, roses
Reply:blue roses
Reply:Sweet Peas and Stock. Daffodils are nice too.
Reply:Down here in South Florida;



Reply:Mine are black eye susans, tulips, daisies, %26amp; purple cone flowers.
Reply:hyacinths, hydrangeas, roses, tulips, blue veronica, carpet phlox in emerald blue...... there are so many!
Reply:Tulips and pink Stargazer Lillie's, so pretty.


Only a couple? I also like Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Baby's Breath, Oxydalis, Daffodils, Rose of Montana (one of my favorites), many more...

Very pretty Rose of Montana vine.


Rose of Montana is the second picture on this page.



Reply:lilacs,roses, and tulips
Reply:I like the Easter Lilly. The fragrance is wonderful. The fragrance of the Morning glory is also sweet.
Reply:sry to burst ur bubble but who really cares about flowers
Reply:White Gardenias,they remind me of Billie Holiday.
Reply:billy grows a variety of roses

I can't hav pets, so what's a good plant that could substitute?

Where I live, I can't have pets. My parents are divorced and I am often shuffled from one house to another. I would need a plant that is easily transported, and cared for. I live in Southern California so sunlight isn't a problem. I was thinking a night blooming cereus because they are very interesting but I know that they get really big sometimes. Please help, thank you.

I can't hav pets, so what's a good plant that could substitute?
The Home Depot is selling Venus Flytraps which would be a great pet substitute. They articulate and you have to feed them, they won't make a mess and are easy to transport.
Reply:Eskie beat me to it.. When I read your question I immediately thought of the Venus Fly Trap.. you can actually feed it!
Reply:Thyme. It's easy to grow. It tolerates heat if you give it the water it needs. It doesn't get out of hand if you keep it trimmed to about 6" long stems, and what you trim off you can use in the kitchen. AND...it comes in many many varieties. I've never successfully grown it from seed, but the plants I have bought at the Home Depot years ago are still going.
Reply:how about a orchid they are very interesting
Reply:Ooh, ooh, get some Marimos!



Cool as anything, and they even move around in response to light!

Maybe you wouldn't even have to take them back and forth but could just leave one in each place, as they are very low maintenance.
Reply:cactus is easy to take care of ,pretty hardy...although you have to watch you dont get stuck....as far as pets..have you ever thought of the neopets website..its safe and has been around for years..its owned by viacom which is the same company that owns nickolodean and mtv..the link is www.neopets.com that way youll have a pet that will be with you whenever you are on the computer

computer security

Have you ever watched a night blooming cactus bloom or photographed it? Describe the experience.?

My neighbour has just finished photographing the night blooming cactus (cereus) and he called me to watch the session and assist him. Two opened last night but I missed them.Another two opened tonight; and one may open while I am sleeping or wait to be photographed alone. There were nine buds.Two did not flower and I have lost track of two. The crepe myrtle is in bloom so he did some shots to include both.I can hardly wait.Is the cereus cactus everywhere or in specific locales?I would like to hear from as many people as possible.it bloomed for the first time on the third anniversary of my father's death; and just before my Mom died there were eight buds.One was picked and seven bloomed.Let's compare notes.

Have you ever watched a night blooming cactus bloom or photographed it? Describe the experience.?
Yes!!!!! I was about 12 years old and we were living in Mississippi and my Mother had one. She had waited for a long time for this Cactus to Bloom. I remember I stayed up with her and we had it on the Kitchen Table. We watched that Bloom from start to finish. Being young I was very tired, but, I stayed there, and it something I will never forget! Just Mom and me, very special. Did not take Pics, but, it in my mind forever. You ever get a chance, you really need to watch. It just a Blooming Flower, but, for some reason, it just seems more special how this do. ;-D

Where can you find seeds of "dama de noche" or "Night blooming cereus" in Asia or Manila, Philippines? And ..

how is it planted???Why is it rare here in manila, Philippines....

Where can you find seeds of "dama de noche" or "Night blooming cereus" in Asia or Manila, Philippines? And ..
Dama de noche is widely cultivated in the Philippines for its sweet-scented flowers, which bloom at night. It was introduced from tropical America.

My mom has a night blooming cereus, which has bloomed 4x this year, and now has 40 buds. Is this normal?

As an inside plant, it is kept under very good care. This plant is not very spindly and approx. 12 feet high. I understood these plants bloom normally, once a year, and with just one bud...making 40 seem ridiculous. Any information on this plant would be appreciated.

My mom has a night blooming cereus, which has bloomed 4x this year, and now has 40 buds. Is this normal?
40 may sound like a lot, but for this size plant, not at all. These plants are very cool. They are originally from Africa. Sounds like you're already taking great care of it.

A small amount of bone meal scratched into the soil in

spring is a good idea.They also bloom better with rain water. I think you're Mom already knows this!
Reply:Can't say what's normal as mine just finished its third blooming (with five blooms this past flush) this year. I've had this plant for three years and the previous two it bloomed only once a season. It's about 4 foot tall. I keep it outside by the front door in warm weather and inside in the winter.

Zone 7b(ish) in Maryland

A question about night-blooming cereus?

I have a large night-blooming cereus in my sunroom, is there any rules as to when it blooms? Every year, every two years? I just need an approximation, thank you...

A question about night-blooming cereus?
My sister inherited my mothers cereus, hers blooms all summer, but when she had it in the house in the summer it did'nt bloom. Only after she put it on her deck, it started blooming and is still blooming in October. Our zone is 7 if that helps. Try putting it outside next summer. Hers is HUGH, and she struggles to take it in and out but, it was my mothers plant so it is extra special. Also you can take and root cutting really easy, just snap at the break between the branch and leaf. This plant is awsome, the fastest growing plant I have ever grown, not alot of people know about this plant either, you have a gem and I hope your blooms soon, the fragrance is beautiful. I hope your feeding it. Let it get slightly root bound, feed and move outside this summer, I hope you are rewarded, be patient and I know you'll have big white good smelling blooms soon. Happy Growing!
Reply:it depends on how old the plant is typically blooms every year and how much you fertilize it
Reply:There are a lot of plants called night-blooming cereus. I have one of the tropical types; it blooms in late summer to early fall. I move it outside every year (with a few hundred other plants:-)).

Each bloom only lasts one night, but it is capable of producing a lot of blooms each year. Very fragrant!


Night blooming cereus?

does anyone know where i can buy an unusual cactus called a Night blooming cereus, aka bramha kamal. I would love to buy one for a collector, but when i "googled" it there were no hits for places to buy one. Thanks for your help!

Night blooming cereus?
Here is a place in GA that sells them for $4.95. It was listed on an auction, but they have more to sell.
Reply:Can't answer your question directly, but I have successfully found unusual species through eBay. Alternatively email your question to the royal horticultural society found at rhs.co.uk